About Me


Nora Börding was born in 1994 and grew up in Berlin. After finishing her A-Levels, she went travelling in Asia for one year. Impressed by the cultural life there and the local population, Nora got inspired to take pictures on a continuous basis. Returning to Berlin, she applied for the Lette-Verein and studied photography design for 2 years. Since September 2018 she studies „Photojournalism and documentary photography“ in Hannover. At the moment her focus lies on reportage and documentary photography particularly in social movements and personal projects. Nora is interested in covering a broad variety of social topics and conducting in depth research during her several projects. Thereby, her work does not only consist of photography but always stands in combination with descriptive texts in order to portray and express the often multilayered situations.

Besides her work as a photojournalist she is active in the NGO „Jugend RETTET“ and the movement „SEEBRÜCKE“.


2019 What kind of freedom is that?, group exhibition, cultural center Pavillon, Hannover, DE
2019 Turbulent times, group exhibition, Centre for Art and Urbanism (ZKU), Berlin, DE
2019 What is democracy?, group exhibition, Parliament, Berlin, DE
2018 Everything not saved will be lost, group exhibition, Gallery Bergstraße, Berlin, DE
2018 The Plymouthian, group exhibition, Plymouth College of Art, Plymouth, GB