About Me

Nora Börding is a female photographer currently based in Leipzig. After studying photography design for two years at Lette-Verein Berlin, she started her studies „Photojournalism and documentary photography“ in Hannover and Aarhus. At the moment her focus lies on portrait and reportage photography. 
Nora Börding works in free projects and on assignment for several newspapers and magazines. 

Part of the journalism collective Selbstlaut Kollektiv. 

Based in Leipzig.

Selected Clients:
Allmende Taucha e.V., campact, Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, GEO Kompakt, GO-Magazin, klimareporter, Leipziger Volkszeitung, Piper Verlag, Sea-Watch e.V., Seebrücke e.V., Spiegel, Spiegel Wissen, taz, Torgauer Zeitung,  Die Zeit, Zeit Online, Zeit im Osten 


2023 How we grieve, group exhibiton, Garage Grande, Vienna, AU
2023 Sensitive Sitters, Dialogical Portraits, group exhibiton, Werkstatthaus, Stuttgart, DE
2019 What kind of freedom is that?, group exhibition, cultural center Pavillon, Hannover, DE
2019 Turbulent times, group exhibition, Centre for Art and Urbanism (ZKU), Berlin, DE
2019 What is democracy?, group exhibition, Parliament, Berlin, DE
2018 Everything not saved will be lost, group exhibition, Gallery Bergstraße, Berlin, DE
2018 The Plymouthian, group exhibition, Plymouth College of Art, Plymouth, GB