PH 411


England is one of the largest fishing nations in the world. Surrounded by water, the island state always relied on seafaring which still is a big part of English culture today. But what does a fisherman‘s everyday life look like? Is it still a profitable job?

Nathan has been fishing on the high seas ever since he was a little boy. For the past 15 years, he has been officially working as a fisherman. He takes out the fifty -two-year-old „PH 411“ for 8 years. Elliott has been a fisherman for 2 years and they have been fishing together for 6 months. Elliott is one of the few who does not come from a fishing family. He says he always loved to stand by the harbor and see the fishermen go out. Since he was a little boy, his dream was to become a fisherman himself.

At 5 o‘clock in the morning, when the PH 411 departures to the high seas, you only see the lights of the other boats, everything else is black. After we are 11 miles away from the port, the net is left out. The net will be dragged behind the boat up to 5 hours before it is pulled back up on board. How much fish is caught varies, but in two to three net outings per day they catch up to 600 kg of fish. This is further processed at the port in Plymouth and final-ly sold. Plymouth Fisheries is one of the few fish markets to sell their fish in an online auction. It will be sold throughout Europe.