An essayistic work focussing on the people in the twenty-four-hour pub „Bei Schlawinchen“ in Schönleinstraße in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

The Schlawinchen has been open continuously since 1979, twenty-four hours a day. Although it is now visited by many tourists, it has never lost its authenticity or its regulars. As soon as you step into the “Schlawinchen”, time seems to stop and only when you walk back outside into fresh air you realize the hours that have passed. Surrounded by a community that is open to everyone, it almost feels like you are sitting in your living room with friends.

By portraying both the people and the place and combining it with the poetic citations of Carmen, a regular who knows the bar since it opened, I tried to transport the feeling I had while being at “Schlawinchen”.

So viele hab ich gesehen,
die sind Tage geblieben, kurz weggenickt,
und doch geblieben.
So isses hier;die magische Anziehungskraft,
so sein zu können
und zu bleiben,
wie man ist.

Ein Laden,
geht man einmal vorbei,
beim zweiten Mal bleiben wir
und bleiben.
Gehen wieder,
kehren wieder
und bleiben, bleiben, bleiben.
So isses hier.
So isses.